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Talking About Joy


Joy has been a passion of mine for years and it's simply not being talked about enough. Joy has the ability to connect us, because within joy is compassion, understanding, gratitude and kindness.

I have combined materials to captivate your mind and spirit. To expand your understanding of joy and maybe, just maybe help you find it.   


I want to book events with news agencies and conferences. At churches, businesses, motivational speaking venues, or any location willing to listen and engage in a wonderful conversation.  

I also want to hear from you and talk with you on a personal level. One to one. I am not a clinical diagnostician, psychiatrist or psychologist. I am a person with exceptional comprehension and communication skills. I listen, learn and share. 

I have been studying human behavior, the human condition and the elements of joy and emotion for years. I am constantly learning from experts in religion, science and technology. 


I am going to talk about joy in a new way. A way for everyone to connect, to absorb and to share.

When you listen to people or groups talk about joy it's usually in a specific context. Around spirituality or religion, self improvement, meditation or yoga. It is sometimes mischaracterized as happiness. Used as a path to accomplishment or financial stability. At its worst used as a marketing tool to make money.

I want to bring the conversation of joy to everyone, for everyone. From the point of view of spirituality, technology, science and the human condition. I will share my story and want to hear yours. Stories are how we connect as people, as a civilization. It is how we resolve issues and become better.

Thru conversation I will provide structure to joy and define its crucial elements. I will ask questions and welcome your answers. 

I Share Joy

Joy is my passion. I want to help people find a path to joy. I want to hear your stories and tell you mine. Let us share our experiences and learn from one and other. I will breakdown the elements of joy and we will start to build your path together.

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